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Ticketing platform OHAS implements blockchain technology to solve e-commerce problems

The problem with current social e-commerce is that there is no product assurance system and post-management safety devices, and there is a lack of technological complementary measures for security and certification in settlement now.

 To solve this problem, OHAS has found a solution for P2P social e-commerce in blockchain technology. OHAS, an ethereum-based platform, aims to create a transparent and fair-trading ecosystem. Through the OHAS application, it is planning to establish a system that will record payments on Smart Contact and prevent anyone from changing them.

 It also applies a transparent and free ‘flat system’ that allows buyers and sellers to evaluate each other’s trustworthiness, enabling them to form a trust relationship between buyers and sellers.

 “We will develop DAO with various P2P transaction categories so that all transactions can be recorded as smart contracts, enabling public transactions and fairness,” the company development officials said.

“The registration of transactions through the OHAS DAO requires registration of the program called Know Your Customer (KYC), which prevents dealers from selling false information and provides safety for buyers.”

 Meanwhile, OHAS, that has recently reorganized its organization and expanded its business from the streaming market to the ticket market, is speeding preparation to realize OHAS Platform services by bringing in a large number of promising professionals from different fields.

 The organization is composed of world-class experts in each field, and led by Richard Cha, Liberta F&C CEO and founder, Dorji Rabten.

 Kimberly, CEO of The Block, participated as CMO. Belarusian developers participated in the event including CTO. Kim Min-kyu, CEO of Legal Block (XLK), participated in the consultation. As advisors, Marco Poliquin, who works as an advisor at ASOBICOIN, Japan, and Victor Qiu, who was an advisor for OpenChat and Beechat and studied MBA in Tsinghua University.

Meanwhile, OHAS announced roadmap for the token swap policy along with a final compensation package for the existing investors. Swap registration from OSS (Oss) to OHAS tokens has currently done and the deadline was September 10th. Token swap will be carried out sequentially between September 14th to 20th, and the information can be inquired through Kakao chatroom or through Plus friend registration.


Partner companies


Rapidzpay – The largest cinema in Thailand, with 678 screens, Cineplex has partnered with Rapidzpay to commercialize a cryptographic billing system. It has also been commercialized in more than 100 Chinese and Taiwanese stores. Rapidzpay has developed POS system that integrates the settlement services of MasterCard and Visa with their payment platform and plans to launch an ATM machine for transactions between fiat currency to cryptocurrency. Our partnership with Rapidzpay is expected to bring the liquidity of OHAS tokens to a higher level.


Legal Block (XLK) – Legal Block is developing their own mainnet (scheduled for Q1, 2019) with the goal of creating a legal ecosystem in which firms, individuals and professionals (accountants, lawyers, etc.) receive legal service or advice. The partnership with Legal Block is expected to help OHAS to form a legitimate marketplace through legal advice.

LNK – LNK is a entertainment company that supports all kinds of content, and encompasses the entertainment industry. It has performed diverse and global broadcasts, performances, events, and projects. For example, the ‘Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy’ project, 2016 Nanjing BTS promoter, 2017 Taipei Block Concert Promoter, 2017 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival Korea planning, real-time ticket reservation service, Mticket and so on. LNK is currently conducting various projects such as One Piece Run and One Piece Musicals, and KbsON’s performance contents information program. OHAS is expected to help the OHAS DAO ecosystem through its agreement with the LNK. In particular, LNK’s domestic and overseas ticket reservation market, many performances, event content planning related parts.

See Saw Play – See Saw Play has more than 50 partner companies and more than 10 venues worldwide. Performances, distribution of performances, license management, production investment, merchandising, and events. Partners include Media (YTN, MBC C&I, KbsON), MAGIC Communication (Hanwool Ent, MPLUS), and licenses (DAEWON, BANDAI KOREA, etc.). Beginning with the 1994 Bulgarian Philharmonic Orchestra performance, Lee Seung Chul, Kim Kyung Ho, Lee Munseo, Chang Saeik, Cho Soo Mi, Sung Si Kyung, and Cho Yong Pil participated in the famous artist concert. Recently, See Saw Play has been running the Power Rangers Enemy Force and the Galaxy Musical for cultural contents for children. Later, Studio Ghibli OST concert and musical version of famous name ‘Your Name’, Zoid Wild Musical and Christmas carol musical are scheduled. The agreement between OHAS and See Saw Play will create a fair and transparent performance market through blockchain. See Saw Play’s performance tickets and licenses are expected to help OHAS to enter the domestic market in building the ecosystem

Bitkoex Cryptocurrency Exchange – cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform based in Korea. It is highly distinguished by its quick and safe trading platform with customized services. Indeed, the customers receive the fastest real time indices and market trading. The platform offers various crypto portfolios with a superior customer service.

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